Captive Media LLC is an Arizona based boutique media production house, specializing in video production of all sizes.

Captive Media LLC provides a wide array of services spanning the entire production spectrum, from Pre-production all the way through post-production.

Some of the services Captive Media LLC offer include Pre-Production consultation, audio production, motion graphics, color correction and color grading, VFX, Sound Design, Foley, and more. 

Captive Media LLC has a wide gamut of experience to draw on including short films, music videos, commercials, social media content, documentary, live production and more.

From corporate to commercial, artistic concepts to documentaries, Captive Media LLC is experienced in many different styles and is capable of working with most budgets.

Book a consultation session now and lets create some captivating media together. 

*All bookings will begin with preliminary consultation to determine business needs, prior to beginning any projects.